We are a group of management consultants committed to making a significant impact on the management and governance of civil society organisations and their funders.

We aim to make a substantial and sustainable improvement in the performance of these organisations by:

  • Delivering top quality consultancy
  • Combining the culture and values of the sector with leading edge governance and management skills
  • Developing and disseminating innovative and effective management practices.

Our research has demonstrated that excellent performance of governance requires a combination of clear structures, effective processes, experienced people and appropriate behaviours.

Clear, succinct and widely-understood strategies are the foundations of the most effective organisations.

High quality planning and culturally sensitive facilitation maximise the impact of important meetings.

Over the last 25 years we have worked with more than 900 organisations and built a reputation for clarity and quality. We have worked with every type of civil society organisation and we focus particularly on:

  • Charities and voluntary organisations
  • Housing and care organisations
  • International development organisations
  • Non Departmental Public Bodies
  • Foundations and funders

All our assignments are tailor made to suit your circumstances.

Contact demerson@compassnet.co.uk or call on 01628 478561 for a preliminary conversation about how we might be able to assist your organisation.