Welcome to our knowledge bank — over 50 pages of leading edge information on the management and governance of civil society organisations.

Each section includes a high level summary of key topics and details of the most important books, reports articles and academic research from the UK and the USA. All have links to sites where they can be downloaded free or ordered from publishers.

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The three best known general text books on the overall management of non profit organisations are listed below:

Managing Without Profit.

Managing Without Profit, Mike Hudson,

Directory of Social Change, 2009.

This ground breaking book, now in its fourth edition, has sold over 20,000 copies and been translated into two other languages. It demonstrates how to:

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Books on Management of Nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit organizations
Nonprofit organizations

Theory, management, policy

Helmut Anheier, Routledge, 2005

ISBN 0 414 31419 4

Helmut Anheier has been a professor at both LSE and UCLA, so he sees the nonprofit sector from both sides of the Atlantic. This excellent primer for students of nonprofit management sets out the scale of the sector, relevant management theory and includes a selection of management tools. It goes on to look at wider international and policy issues that the sector has to address.

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Nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit organizations
Principles and Practice

Michael J Worth
ISBN 978 1 4129 9445 3

A thorough and authoritative text book on all aspects of nonprofit governance and management focussing on the USA, but pertinent to other countries. It sets out the context of the sector, how organisations are governed and led, how they are managed and how they obtain resources. It includes a chapter covering international organizations and social enterprise.

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