Governance of civil society organisations is in the midst of a long term
transformation which includes:

Organisations are consequently putting much greater effort into governance
and expecting higher value from their boards.

There is a huge literature in the UK and the USA on increasing board
effectiveness and a great deal of information available from the web.
We have only included a small selection of the best materials in the
sections below.

More on Governance

Compass Cass research on governance


Recent Developments in Governance.


Compass Board Performance Self Evaluation


Learning from Governance Projects.


Choosing Board Membership.


Magazines on Governance

Governance, Plaza Publishing
Governance, Plaza Publishing

An excellent magazine full of advice, practical experience and latest developments

It sets out board responsibilities, describes the processes required to
support an effective board and includes examples of role descriptions and
board policies.


Books on Governance

The Good Trustee Guide
The Good Trustee Guide

NCVO, 2014

ISBN: 978-0-7199-1767-7

This thorough and authoritative book contains practical information on many aspects of trustees’s roles including legal, management and financial responsibilities. It also gives guidance on developing an effective board.

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Governance as Leadership
Governance as Leadership

Richard P Chait, William P Ryan, Barbara E Taylor, BoardSource and Wiley, New Jersey 2005

ISBN: 0471684201

In this book these three US academics / consultants reframe the purpose and practice of governance by drawing on leadership and organisation framework theories.

They describe three modes of governance – fiduciary, strategic, and generative. Their focus is on the last, which they argue is too often missing and which involves
creating the framework within which issues will be viewed, creating meaning, and sense-making. They offer directions as to how to pursue this generative mode at board level.

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Websites on Governance

Collaborative Working and Mergers

This is the site of the nonprofit organisation in the US that works
exclusively to support the development of good governance. It has a
great deal of material that is applicable in most countries.

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Reports on Governance

Trustee Recruitment, Selection and Induction
Good Governance

A code for the Voluntary and Community Sector, October 2010

The widely respected code setting out principles and what organisations need to do to meet them.

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