Performance Management

Performance management is the organisational process that informs managers and
board members on progress in achieving agreed objectives and allows them to take
decisions based on the organisation’s accomplishments.

Measuring performance of nonprofit organisations is not easy because outcomes
are difficult to define and quality is often as important as quantity. In addition,
outcomes are often the result of the efforts of a number of organisations.

Nevertheless, measuring outcomes is growing in importance as funders and other
stakeholders want to know what nonprofit organisations have achieved. The effort
that is being put into this area is consequently growing rapidly at present.

Performance management sets out to inform people:

This should enable board members, managers, staff and volunteers to focus the
organisation‘s people and funds on the achievement of the agreed objectives.

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Measuring the Performance of Performance Measurement

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Books on Performance Management

Practical Monitoring and Evaluation
Practical Monitoring and Evaluation: A guide for voluntary organisations
Jean Ellis, Charities Evaluation Services, 2002

A series of four booklets on monitoring and evaluation for voluntary and community organisations.

Two levels of guidance are offered – a BASIC guide for those new to evaluation and a more in depth ADVANCED guide for those who need more sophisticated material. The guides come with a TOOLKIT of practical working methods.

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Your Project and Its Outcomes
Your Project and Its Outcomes
Sally Cupitt with Jean Ellis
Charities Evaluation Services

A valuable introduction to outcomes and how to measure them.

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Chapters on Performance Management

Managing at the Leading Edge
Managing at the Leading Edge
Mike Hudson, Directory of Social Change, 2003

Chapter 3 Managing Performance

Lessons from leading edge organisations in the US on performance management including:

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Managing Without Profit
Managing Without Profit
Mike Hudson, Directory of Social Change, 2009

Chapter 9   Managing Strategic Performance

An introduction to performance management concepts including:

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