We are a group of management consultants who believe passionately that
excellent governance and management are essential for civil society organisations
to maximise their impact.

We are motivated by a desire to make a substantial contribution to the governance and management of the wider civil society sector. We write and lecture about governance and management and make our knowledge widely available.

Whilst we have backgrounds in the private, public and voluntary sectors, we share
a common body of knowledge about the special characteristics of governing and managing civil society organisations.

Together we have over 70 years of experience providing consultancy to the sector.

We often work in pairs because we know that strong internal challenge and top quality supervision are essential for delivering the greatest possible value
for our clients.

On larger projects we work in partnership with other firms to extend our capacity and ensure a multi-disciplinary approach. This can include other consulting firms, lawyers, accountants, HR specialists and policy experts.

Mike Hudson – Founder and Director

Mike Hudson

Mike has worked as a consultant to the Chairs and Chief Executives of civil society organisations for 30 years. He worked for Friends of the Earth and as a business consultant before establishing Compass Partnership.

His first book ‘Managing Without Profit’ has become the leading text book on governing and managing civil society organisations.

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Debbie Emerson – Business Manager

Debbie Emerson

Debbie has worked in an international manufacturing company and for a large hotel chain.

She has provided research and administrative support for Compass Partnership for 25 years.

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Keith Smith – Senior Associate

Keith Smith

Keith has 12 years experience working as a management consultant for boards and senior managers in the sector. He was previously the Chief Executive of Broadcasting Support Services and has served as a trustee for a number of charities.

Keith has an MSc (Management Consultancy).

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Allison Aldred – Senior Associate

Allison Aldred

Allison has worked as a consultant in the corporate and civil society sectors and as a senior manager. She has also served on a number of boards.

She has a first degree in Political Theory and an MBA from London Business School.

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Sue Delafons – Senior Associate

Sue Delafons

Sue has worked as a strategy and organisational change consultant at board level across all sectors. She has an MBA from London Business School, and a background in advertising and international management consultancy.

Over the last 10 years she has worked with many non-profit organisations, and served as a Trustee and Vice Chair of Sight Savers International.

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George Levvy – Senior Associate

George Levvy

George has worked in the voluntary sector as employee, trustee and consultant for 20 years, for ten of those as Chief Executive of the Motor Neurone Disease Association. He has been consulting since 2005.

He is a Visiting Fellow of the Centre for Charity Effectiveness at the Cass Business School.

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Sheila Cahill – Senior Associate Ireland

Sheila Cahill

Sheila has over 20 years experience in the community and voluntary sector in Ireland and the UK and has been a volunteer, trustee, employee, senior manager and consultant.

She was Director of Training and Support Services at the Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups and was responsible for the largest management training programme for the community and voluntary sector in Ireland.

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Jacinta Ashworth – Research Consultant

Jacinta Ashworth

Jacinta has 20 years’ experience in the market research industry, specialising in quantitative surveys for the public and voluntary sectors.

Formerly a Senior Associate Director with BMRB International, a top six UK market research agency, Jacinta provides expertise in all aspects of research.

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Paul Strauss – Researcher

Paul Strauss

Paul is an experienced researcher with a PhD in Social Anthropology, trained in qualitative and quantitative methods.

He has 9 years of research experience, the last five spent working on a variety of applied projects in the charity, philanthropy, criminal justice, higher education, and youth sectors.

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