• Objectives are hard to specify precisely
  • Impact is difficult to measure
  • Organisations are accountable to many different stakeholders
  • Governance structures are complex
  • Voluntarism is an essential ingredient

We recognise that consultancy has to be delivered in ways that reflect the culture of the sector and the values of each organisation that we support.


We work with Chairs to:

  • Review the performance of boards and committees
  • Clarify board and management relationships
  • Re-structure boards and committees
  • Establish systems for reviewing governance effectiveness.


We work with boards and senior managers to:

  • Establish and clarify strategic direction
  • Create inspiring strategic plans
  • Prepare ambitious and realistic business and operational plans.


We work with Chairs and Chief Executives to:

  • Plan and deliver powerful and effective away-days
  • Facilitate meetings of boards and senior management teams
  • Provide independent chairmanship for partnerships and alliances.