Board Performance Reviews

Boards want to know whether they are providing top quality governance and to agree changes that would enhance board performance.

We have developed two approaches to assessing governance performance and getting agreement to improvement plans:

Both have been designed specifically for civil society organisations. They can be used separately or in combination.

Structured in-depth interviews

Some organisations prefer that information on governance performance is gathered by interviews of board members and senior managers. We tailor our structured interview format to suit your organisation, conduct either face to face or telephone interviews with board members (and often some senior managers as well) and summarise the findings.

We present the findings in a facilitated workshop and agree a prioritised action plan for making improvements.

Self assessment questionnaires

This approach requires board members and the Senior Leadership Team to complete a questionnaire.

The service we offer comes in three levels:

The questions are aligned with the Principles of the Code of Governance for the voluntary sector and cover all aspects of board performance including:

  1. Understanding the board’s role
  2. Ensuring delivery of organisational purpose
  3. Working effectively
  4. Exercising effective control
  5. Behaving with integrity
  6. Being open and accountable.

Our questionnaire can be used to elicit feedback on board members performance. This is given without attribution to the Chair to provide validated information for him/her to use in 360° feedback sessions with board members.

Observation of boards and committees

We can ‘observe’ meetings to corroborate findings and pinpoint governance processes and behaviours that may require attention.

Review of Governance Documentation

We can review governance documents to ensure they are up to date and meet best practice standards.

Benchmarking performance

All the performance reviews we have done have a core of common questions, so we can make comparisons between your self assessment and similar organisations.