Leadership Development

The performance of top teams is crucial to organisation effectiveness. Our research indicates that investment in development of the team should be a top priority for senior managers. We recognise that the sustained improvement of leadership team performance requires a deep understanding of the culture and context of civil society organisations combined with powerful developmental activities.

We help to:

    1. Review team performance

      We help teams to understand what they are doing well and to identify the priorities for team development

    2. Coach teams and individuals to increase effectiveness

      We help teams to improve performance and deliver their collective leadership responsibilities through structured interventions with the whole team and with its members. This often involves a series of carefully planned ‘workshop’ style events combined with support for the team leader and for individual members.

    3. Strengthen team relationships

      We can use Myers Briggs, Belbin and other diagnostic tools to help team members understand each other and the roles they perform in their team. These can provide a platform for discussing and developing team relationships.

    4. Developing management structures and processes

      We help Chief Executives and Divisional Directors to review and re-structure their teams and re-engineer management processes. We design the change process, develop options and support implementation.

Our clients in this area include:

Children’s Trust
Comic Relief
Friends of the Earth
Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity
Health Foundation
St John Ambulance